It’s the most wonderful time of the year for football fans. There’s almost always a game on TV, fantasy football is in full effect and, best of all, there are tons of tailgates to attend. Here’s how you can dress up your car and be the star of your next tailgate.

Gear Up

Before you head to the tailgating lot, make sure your car is decked out in team gear. We’re talking window flags, decals, window paint, antenna toppers…you name it! This will help the other fans in the lot know where your allegiance stands. The more outrageous, the more friends (or perhaps enemies) you will make.tailgate

Get Creative

If you really want to stand out, there are endless possibilities for how you can transform your vehicle. If you live in the South, for instance, it might still be warm enough to create the classic makeshift pool in the back of your truck. If you’re in a cooler location, you can create a hot tub instead.

You can also convert the back of your vehicle into a bar. If you really want to win over the crowd, find some of your team’s branded cups. And remember that it’s okay to make friends with fans of the opposing team too. You might just want to keep a few standard Red Solo cups on hand for them….

Make Fun Snacks

What in the world could be better than guacamole? Answer: a guacamole football field.

Bringing themed foods to your tailgate will make you a celebrity of the parking lot. Sweets shaped like a football are a classic crowd-pleaser. However, if you’re not much of a baker, you can always pick up some football-themed snacks at the grocery store. For example, Snyder’s of Hanover makes fun football shaped pretzels your friends will love munching on.shutterstock_115551994

Bring Games

While food and drinks are typically the stars of a tailgating party, fun games are another vital component. No tailgate is complete without a corn hole set. Corn hole sets are fairly easy to construct yourself, but if you’d rather leave it to a professional, opt for a set that showcases your team spirit.

Besides the classics, there are some new games out there that we’re starting to see at tailgates. One of these games is called Sholf, which is a hybrid between shuffleboard and golf. The object of the game is to putt your golf balls farther into the scoring end than your competitor.

Whether you’re a veteran tailgater or new to the party, we wish you a very happy football season.