Looking to spread holiday cheer wherever you go this season?

Decking out your car will keep your holiday spirit up during those stressful commutes, hectic trips to the mall (complete with frantic searches for parking) and holiday travel on busy roads. And that’s not to mention the joy that you’ll bring to everyone who sees you driving down the street!

When decorating your car for the holidays, safety should always come first. Make sure that there is nothing dangling off of your vehicle and avoid decorations that might overly distracting to you or other drivers while on the road.

Christmas Inside Your Car

Consider updating your interiors for the holiday season with festive seat covers for the driver and passenger. For passengers riding in the backseat, add cozy blankets in holiday colors and comfortable pillows. They’ll especially appreciate these during any long holiday road trips!

Jazz things up even more by hanging an ornament from your rearview mirror. Don’t forget that safety comes first, and consider a few words of caution here. Avoid anything too shiny or sparkly. You don’t want anything that could reflect too much light and distract drivers. A miniature wrapped present or stuffed reindeer would add some holiday spirit, or a sprig of holly might add some charm.

Enhancing Your Car’s Exterior

You may have seen some cars driving around already this season with what’s called a “vehicle costume”. One of the most popular costumes turns your car into Rudolph, complete with antlers that go in your windows and a bright red nose for the grill of your car. There are also varieties available to transform your car into a jolly elf or even Santa!

One of the most classic holiday car decorations is to simply secure a green wreath to the grill of your car or truck. If you decide to go with this approach, be sure to use sturdy wire to attach the wreath. And don’t forget the red ribbon bow!

If you have a luggage rack, you could also wrap holiday greens such as pine branches, or Christmas garland around it to decorate. Again, don’t forget to secure it tightly—you don’t want it blowing off into the windshield of another driver!

Easy ways to add a little holiday spirit to your ride include placing a themed topper on your antenna—think miniature Christmas tree, Santa, a snowflake, or something similar. Cling-ons and stickers make it easy to decorate the windows of your car. Don’t go too crazy here—you still need to be able to see out and other drivers need to be able to see you. Avoid placing any stickers on your front windshield or in your line of vision through the back windshield.

You’ve trimmed the tree, strung up all the lights, even bought yourself a new outfit. Don’t leave your car out—it’s the one thing that will be getting you around this holiday season, so use it to spread some joy out there on the road.