CARCHEX, the industry-leading provider of direct to consumer automotive products and services is pleased to announce that it has ranked 21st on the Selling Power 2016 list of the 50 Best Companies To Sell For.

This marks the 2nd consecutive year that CARCHEX has appeared in the list and with its top 25 ranking, CARCHEX places higher than household names Google, Microsoft and FedEx.

“CARCHEX’s approach to hiring and development has allowed us to create a positive and successful selling environment,” said Jason Goldsmith, CEO at CARCHEX. “We provide ongoing, in-depth training through CARCHEX University, we invest in the health and wellness of our team members and ensure that our Vehicle Protection Specialists have the right systems, and process to excel at their careers. We firmly believe that if we support and care for our employees they will do the same for the consumers they encounter.”

Selling Power bases its rankings on research conducted among company executives in sales, training, and human resources. The research focuses on:

  • Customer growth and retention
  • Hiring, compensation, sales training, and enablement
  • Company recognition and reputation

Selling Power magazine founder and publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner says the companies on the list support excellence in sales in the following ways.

1.    They support salespeople via coaching, training, and offering sales-enablement solutions. Salespeople are an expensive and vital asset for any company; as such, they must be trained and coached in order to develop their talents and prioritize their selling activities. Top companies also invest in sales-enablement technology solutions that help salespeople operate more effectively and productively.

2.    They keep salespeople motivated. To attract top salespeople, companies must have a straightforward and streamlined approach to compensation. Companies that truly excel also come up with inventive and creative incentives to keep salespeople positive and inspired.

3.    They create an active selling culture. To salespeople, time is an asset. Every minute they spend in front of customers is an opportunity to close a deal and further the success of the individual and the group. Great sales organizations don’t burden salespeople with too many administrative activities or leave them to find their own leads without support from marketing.

People interested in a career as a Vehicle Protection Specialist at CARCHEX should visit CARCHEX Careers for more information.