The BMW 3 Series is perennially one of the best driving machines produced. Highly responsive and with robust acceleration, the 328i is always near the top of any car lover’s list. But like any vehicle, breakdowns happen. Let’s take a look at some of the more common BMW 328i problems.

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Lower Engine Leaks Oil

If you smell oil burning or see oil dripping under the car, then there’s a good chance your BMW has a valve cover gasket leak. This is especially common when the vehicle has more than 60,000 miles. Some owners notice this problem only when starting the car. If you only have to replace the valve cover gasket, it will cost you around $300 – $600.

If this problem is not detected early, oil can get into the plugs, sensors, and ignition/engine coils which can lead to misfiring. The cost to repair at this stage could be over $3,000. A good extended warranty will cover this cost.

BMW Mirror Folding Problem

The side mirror, especially on the driver’s side, can fold in or out spontaneously. Sometimes it returns to the neutral position, but in other cases you have to move it by hand. This could happen even after minor impact to the mirror.

There is a special ring inside the mirror that senses position. When this ring wears down or breaks, it must be replaced. This can cost you $500 to $700.

Heat & Air Conditioner Fan Malfunction

This problem is more common after 100,000 miles. The fan might work on-an-off or at a very slow speed. Some owners mistake it for an air conditioning issue, but the culprit is more likely the blower final stage fan resistor. Replacement cost is $400+.

Power Steering Fluid Leak

If you see fluid, but not oil or water, leaking from below, it could be power steering fluid. Many times multiple power steering hoses must be replaced, and the cost is around $450 for parts and labor.

AC Related Vibration

If you hear a buzzing or feel an unusual vibration in the steering wheel when the AC is running, your BMW 328i most likely needs an air conditioner refrigerant charge. It may also be worth it to ask the mechanic to check for leaks in the system. The typical cost for a Freon charge is around $150 – $250.

Low Coolant Light Comes On

This might just be a simple matter of adding coolant, but make sure there is no leaking from the 328i’s underside. If there’s a leak, it could be from the water pump. This problem is more common for vehicles over 90,000 miles. Make sure the entire coolant system is checked since at this stage, multiple leaks can be present. A new water pump will run you about $900, parts and labor.

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As the leading auto warranty provider, CARCHEX has collected years of repair warranty claim data on thousands of vehicle makes and models. Specific types of BMW 328i repairs highlighted in this article are derived from data provided by RepairPal, a CARCHEX partner. Repair costs derived from both RepairPal, as well as CARCHEX based on actual warranty related data for 2002-2014 vehicles.

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