The Audi name conjures up all kinds of concepts. Power, prestige, and fine engineering to name a few. Nevertheless, every car can have a mechanical problem at some time. Let’s take a look at the most common Audi A4 repair problems and their associated costs. The Audi factory warranty is 48 months/50,000 miles.

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Engine Misfire

A4 drivers might experience anything from a simple check engine light appearance to misfiring and rough idling. The culprit in many cases is a failed ignition coil, spark plug, or ignition wire. Most owners report this happening at just over 100,000 miles.

If your Audi warranty has expired, the repairs will cost you around $300, parts and labor.

Oil Leaks

An oil leak can show up in many places, but for the Audi A4 it most commonly occurs at the valve cover gaskets or camshaft chain tensioner gasket. Sometimes a large amount of oil can leak, so it pays to get this fixed right away. This problem seems to be more common at around 125,000 miles.

Depending on the repair shop, the cost to repair this breakdown can run anywhere from $1,100 to $1,500.

Water Found Inside

After a rainstorm, some Audi A4 owners surprisingly find the inside of their car soaked. Or water mysteriously appears on the brake booster or electrical components. This is caused by a clogged plenum tray drain which is located at the base of the windshield. This can happen at any mileage, but most likely appears around 100,000 miles.

As water accumulates in the clogged tray, it eventually overflows, and the resulting leakage can cause major problems. Keeping the tray clean and free of debris costs you nothing. However, a major electrical problem might cost you up to $3,000 to fix.

Check Engine Light

This little light can come on for a variety of reasons not yet mentioned. The most common causes are due to vacuum leaks, oxygen sensor, or catalytic converter faults. You might also experience a rough idling sensation.

Replacing an oxygen sensor costs around $350. Fixing the catalytic converter will cost you up to $1,200, parts and labor included. Vehicles with more than 102,000 miles more commonly begin to see the check engine light come on.

Noise And Clunking

If you hear a lot of noise or feel clunking when applying the brakes, then it’s probably the multi-link suspension. The components wear down, and this causes problems around 103,000 miles. You might also experience uneven tire wear or steering alignment problems.

The exact cause can vary, but control arm replacement costs approximately $1,500 to $1,800 to repair.

When your Audi factory or extended warranty has expired, an extended vehicle protection plan can pay for your repairs. Sign up for a free quote now.
As the leading provider, CARCHEX has collected years of repair claim data on thousands of vehicle makes and models. Specific types of Audi A4 repairs highlighted in this article are derived from data provided by RepairPal, a CARCHEX partner. Repair costs derived from both RepairPal, as well as CARCHEX based on actual claim related data for 2002-2014 vehicles.

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