Subaru sales have recently been surging and for good reason. The brand has a great track record, and Subaru vehicles are known for being responsive and user friendly. However, every vehicle at one time or another will experience mechanical problems. Let’s take a look at some of the most common Subaru Legacy breakdowns and how much they cost to repair. The factory Subaru warranty is 36 Months/36,000 miles. 

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Coolant Or Oil Leak Due To Head Gasket Failure

The head gasket is a seal inside the engine that keeps fluids in their proper place. When the gasket fails, you might experience problems with leaking fluid,  AC function, the check engine light, or overheating. For some models, Subaru has extended their factory warranty to cover these repairs. This problem typically occurs in vehicles with over 110,000 miles.

If you have to pay for the repairs, it could cost you around $3,000, parts and labor. An extended warranty will cover these costs.

Oil Leak From Failed Camshaft Seals

The camshaft is part of a valve operation mechanism in the engine. The camshaft seals on the Subaru Legacy commonly fail around 180,000 miles. At this point, the seals should be replaced, and generally the timing belt changed as well.

Cost of repair is around $750, including the timing belt replacement.

Failed O2 Sensor

Typically, all you’ll see here is the check engine light coming on around 110,000 miles or so. The O2 sensor monitors how much oxygen is in the exhaust, and this can affect fuel consumption.

The total cost to replace the O2 sensor is around $200, labor included. If you do the repairs yourself, you can save around $100.

Sound System Problems

The symptoms can include intermittent function, some speakers failing, or abnormal noise production. Other owners have reported that the radio shuts off when you hit a bump. Legacy models with over 140,000 miles experience these types of problems more frequently.

The repair costs can vary widely here, depending on the exact nature of the problem. Costs of around $600 have been reported to repair electrical issues leading to radio failure.

Vibration Or Shudder With Acceleration

If your Legacy Sedan vibrates or shudders at around 116,000 miles, it could be due to a transmission failure. Some owners report feeling vibration when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear.

If your vehicle is still under the factory warranty, it could save you up to $2,000 in repair costs. An extended vehicle protection plan will cover these costs as well.

When your Subaru factory or extended warranty expires, an extended vehicle protection plan can help you pay for repairs. Sign up for a free quote now.

As the leading provider, CARCHEX has collected years of repair claim data on thousands of vehicle makes and models. Specific types of Subaru Legacy repairs highlighted in this article are derived from data provided by RepairPal, a CARCHEX partner. Repair costs derived from both RepairPal, as well as CARCHEX based on actual repair related data for 2002-2014 vehicles.

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