When shopping for a new or used car, many people look online or take a trip to the car dealership to find the car that suits them. In doing so, you might read or hear the term “aftermarket accessories.” Many people have not heard this term before or may not know what it means.

An aftermarket accessory is an extra item that is sold after the car is sold. Such items might include the following:

  • Navigation systems
  • High-quality floor mats
  • Mirrors
  • Spoilers
  • Rims
  • Bumper covers
  • Seat covers

Sometimes it’s possible to get these items included in the price you pay for the car. Sometimes the dealer might make you pay extra in addition to the price of the car. In this case, these items can add up, making the final price of the car much more expensive.

It might be smart to wait on these items and buy them after you leave the dealership. This allows you time to shop and compare prices without pressure. You can find aftermarket products online or at an auto parts supply store. Technically, warranties and auto insurance is included in the term aftermarket, so if you are strictly shopping for supplies, narrow down your search term when shopping online.