You may have heard about hybrid cars. They are somewhat new to the market and are not available through all manufacturers yet. As more people become concerned with the environment and conserving our natural surroundings and as gas prices continue to rise, these types of cars are becoming more appealing to buyers.

Because of their particular design, hybrids allow you to get more miles to the gallon. Sometimes you can get as many as 35 or 52. They also run off both electric and gas power. They contain batteries, allowing them to rely less on gas. This reduces emissions and pollution. However, you must re-charge the battery every 50 to 100 miles.

If you are environmentally active, a hybrid car might be a good option for you. Although you will have to take extra time to re-charge the battery, the extra mileage might be worth it. Hybrid cars have an aerodynamic design that reduces drag. This increases your fuel performance.

The price of a hybrid car may be more than a regular gas-powered car. This reflects the fact that they are newer to the market. As demand for this type of car increases, the price will most likely fall. Several car manufacturers are making announcements of planned construction of hybrid cars.