Some states, including New York and Pennsylvania, require annual vehicle inspections. This means you have to get your car inspected every 12 months in order to get it registered. States like Ohio do not require you to do this. If your state requires a car inspection, you are required to show proof that you did this before you can get it registered. You will then get a sticker that you need to attach to your vehicle showing proof that you did this. If you get caught driving without a current sticker, you will likely be fined.

With car inspections only being required in certain states, you should make yourself aware of whether it’s required in your state. If you are relocating, you might need to get your car inspected within a certain amount of time. To find out, contact your local Department of Deparment of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You can do this online.

Another good website to use to identify the rules for registering and inspecting your vehicle is This site contains information you need when obtaining a driver’s license or registering your car in another state.