By law, everyone has to have car insurance. Not only is this true, but it’s also important to have enough coverage should you ever need it. You might think you are an extremely safe driver. However, not everyone in the world is as safe as you might be. You never know when an accident might occur and sometimes the other driver, might not have sufficient coverage.

There are car repair costs and medical bills that come with getting into a car accident. You should think about this should you ever consider not buying car insurance. The cost of insurance is much less than car repair and medical bills. Not to mention the time you might have to take off work and a rental car. There are people out there that choose not to buy car insurance. This is not a wise idea.

When you look at the cost of car insurance premiums, then compare it to the cost of repairs and medical bills, it’s obvious that you should pay the premium. You don’t always have to purchase the most expensive car insurance, but it is important to find a policy that will suit your needs and will take care of you should you ever need to file a claim.