There are several things you should do before buying a used car. One is to review the car title history. These types of reports contain information regarding potential problems that the car may have had in the past but was repaired. You might not know about such problems without reviewing this type of report. Car title history reports can reveal information such as whether the car has ever had flood damage, or if it was involved in an accident.

Of course used cars can be resold if they were once damaged but repaired. The buyer should be aware of such issues. A car title history report will give you this information, even when the dealer or seller fails to mention it.

You can buy such reports online or request one from the dealer at the time of negotiations. When you acquire the report, make sure you confirm that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number matches the the one on the car. You want to make sure you are getting a report for the actual car you are buying.