You should never assume that your car will be safe just because a shipping company seems reliable. When you ship a car either inside the United States or overseas, bad things can happen if you haven’t protected your investment. This is why you should make sure you have adequate insurance. Shippers may not always guarantee that they will cover the cost of repairs should something happen to your car. It’s important to do your own research regarding insurance before you have your car shipped.

Your current car insurance company may cover a car being shipped through your existing policy. It’s important to check this. When inquiring about this, be very clear about deductibles, exclusion and repairs should something happen to your car during the shipping process. If shipping is not covered under an existing policy, ask the shipper what kind of coverage they might offer. You’ll probably have to pay more to get insurance, but it is worth it should anything go wrong. Make sure to read all contracts carefully before you agree to them and get everything in writing.

The cost of insurance might seem like a lot. However, if your car is damaged, it might cost a lot more to get it repaired. If the damage is through fault of the shipping company, you don’t want to be the one paying for the repairs.