Have you ever heard of someone tampering with an odometer? Believe it or not, people actually do this. Although this is illegal, they will intentionally roll the odometer back so the car looks like it has less miles on it than it actually does. You might think you’ve found a great car with low miles, but if somebody has tampered with the odometer, you might be buying a car with many more than you thought. The more miles a car has, the more problems it can have.

There are also times when an odometer may not have been tampered with at all. It just might not be working right. One example is with older cars. These cars have odometers that can only record a set amount of miles before they roll over and start from the beginning. Even odometers on new cars sometimes have problems and can also malfunction.

This is why it’s important to order vehicle history reports on any car you are considering buying. Such reports track odometer information on the vehicle back to the beginning. This gives you an accurate representation of how many miles the car should actually read on the odometer. At CARCHEX.com, you can order one of these reports.