Each state has different rules for used car warranties. These laws protect buyers from purchasing cars with major mechanical problems. If a dealer is not aware of such problems, the buyer will still be protected. However, the number of days in which a buyer can return a car due to problems is limited.

The Used Car Warranty Law is different than an auto warranty for a used car. The auto warranty is a plan provided by the manufacturer that protects your purchase and helps cover the cost of repairs. The law covers you for a specific time period after the purchase. So if you were sold a lemon, you can return it. It’s also wise to purchase a used car vehicle protection plan because you can use it long after the time limit on the law and factory auto warranty has expired.

Used car vehicle protection plans will also cover the cost of replacing worn parts. So even though the law might put your mind at ease during the purchase, the plan cuts down on future repairs and car expenses.