You might be aware that vehicle history reports can be useful in making used car buying decisions. But did you know that a vehicle history report can also help sell a used car? Let’s find out how.

Think Like A Buyer

When you sell a used vehicle you might – or might not – know about the car’s history. For example, if you were the only owner, you know how well the car was serviced. You also know first-hand about the car’s accident history. If you kept meticulous records, this can help put a potential buyer’s mind at ease. What if you don’t have the records though? Then the buyer has to take your word for it. But some used car buyers aren’t so trusting.

More Than One Owner

What if you are not the only owner in the car’s history? How much do you know about the past service and accidental damage? How will you answer questions about these things to any potential buyer? Again, unless you have the records, a complete response will be difficult.

Vehicle History Reports Boost Confidence

With a certified vehicle history report, you can sell with more confidence. When you advertise your vehicle is for sale, you can mention that it comes with a certified history report. That way the buyer doesn’t have to decide if you are being truthful about the car’s history since you have a qualified report in writing.

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Can Make Or Break A Deal

Think about it. If you are selling your car and you have proof about its registration and title info, then a buyer will be more attracted to your vehicle. You can also verify the odometer reading and present a written accident history report. Plus, reported service and repair info can be provided. Finally, any recall info can be shown on the report. The more information you can give to the buyer, the more comfortable they will be with buying a car from you.

Leverage A Sale

Make sure when you go to sell your vehicle you advertise that it comes with a qualified history report. Most used car sellers don’t bother to do this, but the report could help set your car apart from the competition. You might even be able to ask for a higher price based on the data provided in the car history report. The vehicle history reports available from CARCHEX partner CARFAX include an adjusted price based on the report results. This is because if the vehicle has had few reported problems, then its value is estimated to be greater.

Some online auto malls even have a logo with a vehicle history report link making it easier for online car shoppers to spot your vehicle.

It’s Simple, Order Today

All you need is the vehicle identification number (VIN) and you can order a certified vehicle history report. Connect with CARCHEX partner CARFAX and get your report today.