If you are in the market to buy a used car, you should consider a pre-purchase car inspection. Buying a used car doesn’t have to be complicated, but you want to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Evaluating A Used Car – Much More Than Just Kicking Tires

When you think about a used car can you guess how many points of inspection are important? Ten? Fifty? The truth is that qualified inspectors use a 155 point pre-purchase inspection process. Some of the areas inspected are:

  • Body condition
  • Paint, dents, scratches
  • Tires & wheels
  • Glass
  • Interior
  • Missing parts
  • Leaking liquids (oil, coolant, etc.)
  • Electrical items
  • Transmission operation
  • Engine operation

This is only a partial list, and the eyes of an expert are keen to small details that others might miss. You can take a look at sample pre-purchase reports here.

Takes The Emotion Out Of It

Most pre-purchase car inspectors are ASE-Certified mechanics that make sure the evaluation is completed correctly. A hidden benefit to this is that it takes the emotion out of it. If you personally did the testing, you might feel hurried or pressured to make a decision. Or you might be so excited to buy a vehicle that you miss important details. A qualified car inspector frees you from this pressure giving you a detailed objective report.

Test Drive

In most cases, test driving is part of the evaluation, but not always. Things that might prevent test driving are owner refusal, weather conditions, or access to a suitable test drive area. The inspector will also include any observation as a passenger while the owner drives the vehicle. Even if you were to test the vehicle, the circumstances would be the same. An expert knows how to look, listen, and feel for any engine, steering, or suspension abnormalities.

Does It Take A Long Time?

In the majority of cases the inspections are completed within 2-3 business days from the date of order. In cases of heavy volume, this time might take longer, and things depend on the availability of the car owner as well. Once the inspection is completed, you receive a copy of the quality assurance reviewed report by email within 1 business day.

Leave It To A Professional

We all like to think we have a good eye when we buy a car, but unless you are a mechanic, you might miss important flaws. Just like a doctor, a good mechanic can detect things that the inexperienced eye or ear might miss.

Avoid Long Distance Traveling

These days, cars are bought and sold over long distances. In the past you had to limit your potential buying area. Now, with pre-purchase inspections, you can take advantage of a great deal – even across state lines. You can then bid on the car with confidence, since you have the results of a thorough inspection.

Don’t Delay – Sign Up Now

Don’t let that great deal get away, but don’t buy a lemon either. Get the inspection process moving today, and have a report in your email in around 3 business days. Start the pre-purchase inspection process now with CARCHEX.

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