What’s the hardest part about buying a used car? The uncertainty about the car’s condition. No matter what, you can’t know everything about a used car, but there are ways to make the decision easier. A used car inspection helps remove that nagging doubt. Surprisingly, many people don’t even know this valuable service exists.

Qualified Pros Help You

If your best friend knew about car inspection, wouldn’t you ask him to come along if you were going used car shopping? Well, that is exactly what a pre-purchase used car inspection does: it sends highly qualified technicians to inspect nearly any car anywhere in the country. Then you get the results of a 155 point pre-purchase evaluation. Imagine having this report in your hands before making a used car buying decision. Then imagine not having it. Get a CARCHEX qualified pre-purchase car inspection now.

Increase Your Buying Options

These days you can shop for cars online which increases your chances of finding the model and price you want. But if the vehicle is far away, you might miss the deal since you can’t see the car yourself. With a used car inspection you don’t have to pass up any opportunity.

Even if you can see the car yourself, a professional level evaluation is nearly impossible for the average used car buyer.

What’s Included?

Used car inspection reports includes:

  • Mileage verification
  • Body and paint condition
  • Presence of dents and scratches
  • Condition of tires and wheels
  • Condition of glass and interior
  • List of any missing parts
  • Presence of oil leaks
  • Condition of electrical items
  • Drivetrain performance

As you can see, the list is comprehensive. Pictures online may hide body damage or other defects, but the keen eye of an inspector will spot most abnormalities. The inspector does not perform a full-blown mechanical evaluation, but rather makes sure that the vehicle for sale is being represented correctly.

The vehicle may be test driven to verify transmission and engine operation. If the owner of the car does not want the inspector to test drive, then a report of the car’s function from the passenger point of view will be provided. In some cases, a test drive is not possible and will not be included in the inspection report.

Fast Reporting – Right To Your Email

The typical turnover time for a used car inspection report is 2-3 business days from the date of order. Once the car is inspected, you get the full report by Email within one business day. Get a mechanic from CARCHEX to inspect the car you are thinking of buying now.

How About If I’m Selling?

Even used car sellers can take advantage of the inspection process. Having your car inspected by a certified mechanic is a great sales advantage over the competition. Put potential buyers’ minds at ease, and see your car sell faster.

Remove The Nagging Doubt

Are you getting a great deal or are you about to get stuck with a lemon? No inspection can discover every single defect, but with a CARCHEX pre-purchase vehicle inspection you remove a large part of that nagging doubt. Sign up for a used car inspection today.

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