When it comes down to it we often forget about our engine oil, resulting in harsher problems down the line. CARCHEX customer Megan from Pittsburgh has the same issue and wants to know when and how she should check her oil. In this Goss’ Car Care Tips For Women video Pat answers Megan’s questions and leads us in the right direction.

How often should I check my oil? How much oil should I fill the tank with?

If you have similar questions then check out the video below. Pat’s helpful guidance will start you on the right track to properly maintaining your engine oil. Plus you’ll learn all about the dipstick!

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How Do I Check My Oil?
Hi Pat, my name’s Megan from Pittsburgh. I never know how often to check my oil. How often do I check it and how much do I add when I do?

Goss’ Car Care Tips For Women

Megan we’ve become very lazy in this country. We like to think that we don’t have to do anything or check anything on our cars. We think that we have a warning light that’s going to protect us against any bad thing that’s going to happen. Well when it comes to checking oil, by the time that oil light comes on chances are it’s too late and you’ve already done expensive serious damage to your engine. See you should get in a habit of checking various things under the hood of the car and that should be done every time you fill the fuel tank.
Now the things you can check are marked with yellow labels or yellow handles. Now to check the oil you have to let the car sit not running for five to eight minutes. Then you pull the dipstick out, wipe the dipstick clean, put it back in, (make sure you get it seated all the way down), pull it out a second time and look at the oil level on the dipstick. It’s either good or it’s bad. If it’s bad add oil as needed. Don’t over fill it and that will protect your engine.
To know how much oil to add refer to your owner’s manual. Or in some cases it’ll be marked right on the dipstick. But normally the difference between the upper mark and the lower mark is one quart.