Roy Dominguez from Union City, New Jersery is a proud owner of an extended auto warranty from CARCHEX. He chose CARCHEX for his 2002 Acura MDX SUV because he wanted a company that would provide him with tranquility and peace of mind. Check out his full video testimonial to learn more about his experience with CARCHEX.

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Hello this Don Royce Roy Dominguez and I live in North Jersey.

Today I am here doing this testimonial video for CARCHEX. I had bought a CARCHEX warranty, an alpha power train plus and its been a god send for me because I have a 2002 Acura MDX SUV.

Why did I purchase CARCHEX? I purchased it because I needed a tranquility a karma in my mind to make sure if anything should happen to that car because I am going to keep it for a long while, that I would be covered. CARCHEX got me covered.

I love it! It’s one of the best, of the best, for the best, for you the consumer. This is Don Royce Roy saying timeless peace to everyone. Thank you.