CARCHEX receives many questions from our female fans about car maintenance and saving money on car care. Who better to provide some answers than America’s Trusted Mechanic Pat Goss! In the new series called Goss’ Car Care Tips for Women, Pat Goss provides women with simple tips and basic instructions on how to save money, understand our vehicles, and always be prepared.

The first Goss’ Car Care Tips for Women video answers a question Jennifer from New York has regarding items to keep in her car in case of an emergency. Recently graduating from college, Jennifer told us that her parents are constantly worrying about her now that she’s living away from home. While they stress keeping emergency things in her car, they fail to say what exactly is essential for her to have.

Check out Pat’s advice to Jennifer in this video below and stay tuned for more to come in the Goss’ Car Care Tips for Women video series!

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What should I always keep in my car?

Hey Pat, it’s Jennifer from New York. Now that I’m on my own my parents are always telling me to keep certain safety things in my car. What do you suggest?

Goss’ Car Care Tips For Women

Well Jennifer there are some basic things.
Number one you always wanna make sure you have enough gas for your trip, well that’s a given. But in addition to that, you want a spare tire and you want that spare tire to have the proper amount of air in it. You want a good jack that works. You want all of the tools that are necessary to change your tire and you need some basic things. Like you always want a good flashlight with extra batteries that are fully charged.
Then in addition to that you want a first aid kit, such as we see here; it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but enough to take care of basic emergencies.
Then it’s a good idea to have some sort of reflective clothing, preferably a reflective vest like this one from safety bright. And speaking of safety bright they have this tool that is very very neat as far as safety equipment goes. This has a flashlight built in to the end of it, it has flashing red lights built in to the body of it, but more importantly it has a tool down here to break glass and it has a tool to cut a seatbelt. These are available from
Then you want a pair of gloves something that will protect your hands if you have to work on the car. And if your so inclined you might wanna have a set of booster cables, but remember there’s only one set of booster cables that really really works and protects you and your vehicle and that’s Smart Cables from Michelin.