Everyone knows there is a higher level of risk involved in buying a used car in comparison to buying a brand new car. That is why it is imperative to make sure your used car is protected.

Check out Pat Goss’ recommendations for buyers contemplating a used car purchase in this week’s Goss’ Car Buying Tips video.

If you plan on purchasing a used car, follow the advice of America’s Trusted Mechanic and make sure to get an extended auto warranty for your vehicle. When the car needs costly repairs you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

When you are buying a used car I think an extended warranty, like you would get from Carchex, is a vital part of it. Actually, when you are figuring out your budget for purchasing the used car, part of what you should be doing is figuring in the cost of the extended warranty.
The other thing you should do is before you sign on the dotted line, you should be calling CARCHEX, getting a quote on the warranty for the car that you’re considering so that you don’t make a mistake.