In this week’s video, Pat Goss tells us about the benefits of using CARFAX, a provider of vehicle history information, when buying a used car.

We all know that flooding disasters, which are caused by rain, thunderstorms, and hurricanes have damaging effects on vehicles. “Flood cars” are vehicles that have become significantly damaged by floodwaters. They are hazardous to drive and should be destroyed. Too often, unfortunately, this does not occur and these water-damaged cars are rebuilt and put back on the road.

Pat Goss recommends using CARFAX before purchasing a used car because it is a valuable means of detecting and avoiding flood-damaged cars, and finding out other information about a used car, which could affect your purchasing decision. To hear more from Pat Goss about why he trusts CARFAX watch this week’s video!

Once you’ve done your research and selected a pristine used car, make sure to keep it in great condition by protecting it with an extended car warranty from CARCHEX.

I would consider the CARFAX vehicle history report as a mandatory part of buying a car. Now, the reason for this, and there are a lot of them, but one of the more common ones, we have had some horrific weather patterns throughout the U.S. over the past few years and that means there are hundred of thousands of damaged vehicles that are in circulation.

Now, certainly some of them get totaled and that’s the end of it, but others, people figure ways to get around the insurance companies and they rebuild these things and put them back on the road. The worst offenders are flood cars and the flood cars are just an ongoing problem throughout the life of the vehicle.

So CARFAX vehicle history report is going to give you a good tool to tell you if there is any thing that really needs to be taken into consideration: Has the car been totaled? Has the odometer been messed with? Anything at all that might be detrimental or positive, because lots of times you will find very positive things that would make the car more desirable.