Parking Lot Etiquette

Let’s start with a pop quiz: Did you know that fender benders are more likely to occur in a  parking lot than on a road? If you answered yes, then you will probably never end up in the position of this vehicle. Congratulations!


On to the lesson: Frequently people just lose all common sense in the search and sometimes race for the perfect parking spot. Remember, if a spot is currently unoccupied it is ripe for the taking to the first vehicle that can speed up to it. However, if a spot is in the process of being vacated parking lot etiquette calls for the use of a blinker and the spot should rightfully go to the driver who was first to arrive. Although this is not always the case, the other driver may choose to ignore your rightful ownership and try a sneak approach zipping into the spot under the watchful eye of your blinker. If this happens remain calm, take the high road and continue the search, otherwise you may end up like our silver SUV above.