People aren’t the only things that can be hurt (or worse) in a car accident. The family dog, car, or pot bellied pig is at as much risk for injury as mom, dad, and baby sis. So, when taking Fido or Mr. Biggelsworth to the vet or to the beach, follow these tips to keep them save and secure.

  1. Keep your pet secure with a pet safety seat. Pet safety seats typically attach to the safety belts in the back seat of your car, and still allow your pet to see out the window. Or keep your pet in a travel safe crate while on the road, providing both the driver and the pet with a comfortable environment.
  2. If you dislike the idea of confining your pet on a drive, lay down blankets to provide comfort and familiarity to your pet.
  3. Bringing extra water, food and a leash are a must. You need to stop frequently on longer drives for your pet to eat, drink and relieve himself.
  4. If carrying your pet in a crate, line it in house pads to protect against those unexpected and unwanted accidents.
  5. Last, if your pet simply doesn’t like to travel, talk with your veterinarian about safe medications and dosages to calm your nervous pet.