Our most recent customer testimonial comes from Don Main in Hendersonville, NC. In his testimonial, Don tells us about his CARCHEX extended auto warranty that he purchased for his 2003 Cadillac. After extensive comparison with other companies, Don chose to get protected with CARCHEX and explains why he is such a proud customer.

Driving for 70 years Don has tons of experience, so watch his video testimonial below to see what he has to say about CARCHEX. He even shares some short facts about his hometown!

Hi, my name is Don Main. I am 85 years old and retired in Hendersonville, NC, which is in the mountains of western North Carolina.

Get Protected, Like Don, With CARCHEX!

I have been driving an automobile for 70 years and when the factory warranty expired I chose CARCHEX for my 2003 Cadillac, after thoroughly checking and comparing other warranties.

That was some time ago and I have been very happy with CARCHEX.

About six months ago I had a problem with a leaking gasket and when I took it to the Cadillac dealer he said it would have to be repaired. The dealership called CARCHEX and received prompt approval. I did not have to do anything. It was handled quickly and conveniently and exactly the way I would like to have it taken care of and how I would like it to be handled. Thanks very much.

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