In this week’s Goss’ Car Care Tips for Women video, CARCHEX lends a helping hand to customer Trish from Lancaster, PA. With a large family, Trish needs advice on how to save money on her car.

What are the best and effective ways she can spend less? In this video Pat suggests that through proper vehicle maintenance and driving our cars the right way we can all save money on repairs in the long run.

Watch the video below for Pat’s helpful advice. His trusted knowledge and expertise will have you saving money on your vehicle in no time!

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How do I save money on my car?

Hi, I’m Trish from Lancaster, PA. I have a really large family and I need to know how to save money on my car.

Goss’ Car Care Tips For Women.

Trish the way you save money on car repairs is really simple. It all depends on how you maintain the car and how you drive the car. See if you drive the car more gently, you’ll get longer tire wear, you’ll get longer brake wear. All the things on the car will last longer.
But in addition to that you have to maintain it with oil changes, and transmission flushes, and power steering flushes. All the services that extend the life of the vehicle.
But no matter how well you maintain the car, there’s going to become a time when things wear out.
How do you save money there?
Well you save money with a CARCHEX extended warranty. That extended warranty is going to cover the major items and in many cases a whole bunch of stuff that’s going to wear out on your car as it ages.

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