There’s no reason your car can’t drive 150,000 miles trouble free. Just as the key to long life is proper care, the key to a long-lasting vehicle is proper maintenance and driving. Follow our tips, and you’ll keep the wind in your face and steep car payments out of your wallet.

Regular Maintenance – Most automakers provide a service schedule for new vehicles, complete with listings according to mileage for when certain maintenance work should be done. These schedules are not just friendly suggestions from the manufacturer, but should be closely followed. Maintaining a schedule to check your vehicle’s oil, brake system, cooling system, and transmission can ensure a longer life.

Practice Appropriate Driving Styles – It may seem like a lot of fun to drive like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and start full throttle, whip around corners, and brake hard. But driving like you’re at Daytona not only kills gas mileage, but prematurely wears out tires, engine, brakes, and the transmission. Slow and steady does not always win the race, but it sure keeps you in the game. So, practice smooth, steady driving to extend the life of your vehicle. Such small changes in your daily driving habits will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs and new car costs.

Competent, Trained Technicians – While it may seem appealing to crawl underneath and tinker with your vehicle for a cheap Do-It-Yourself repair, the reality is today’s cars are complex and require the knowledge of skilled technicians. Make sure the person looking under your hood is a trusted source and avoid temptations to play mechanic.

Personal car maintenance is great, but extended vehicle protection from a company who stands behind their policies is the best way to ensure your vehicle lasts. After the manufacturer’s warranty expires, your car is left unprotected in the face of expensive repairs. CARCHEX Extended Service Protection is A+ accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and assures all the labor and parts costs for your vehicle will be paid by the administrator of your personal plan, protecting your car for the long haul.