CARCHEX is eliminating the idea of the nameless and faceless sales representative and introducing you to their team!

After hanging up the phone with a sales representative, do you ever wonder how they look or act?

Here at CARCHEX, we want to put a face to the name.

We interviewed many of our sales representatives, so you can know a little more about our Extended Vehicle Protection experts.

The video below is the first of the Spotlight series. It features Tom Stratchko, a CARCHEX’s Product Manager. We hope you enjoy meeting Tom and we look forward to introducing you to the rest of the CARCHEX team.

My name is Tom Stratchko, I’m the product manager here at CARCHEX. I have a car background, grew up as a mechanic. My father owns a repair facility. I had a ’79 full-size pick-up and I drove a lifted ’85 blazer. I actually still own my first car, it’s a 1975 Camaro and I bought it for $400 dollars. I restored it as a 16 year old, drove it through college and it took some hits and some bangs. I’m now currently restoring it again. All my vehicles that I’ve had have all been v8 Chevrolets. It’s all about horsepower, noise and all that. I build cars, most of the time it’s with my father, so it has been kind of like a family affair.

If you liked what you just saw, maybe you should consider working at CARCHEX. We’re always looking for talented and motivated people to join the team.