What is the one thing everyone overlooks when maintaining their convertible?

Video Transcription
Well, of course the outside of the top needs to be kept clean. Now there are different types of materials used in convertible tops so you have to follow the directions in your owner’s manual for the type of material on your car–they vary dramatically. Alright but, here’s the thing that everybody overlooks, nobody ever services the mechanical parts of the convertible top. In here, there all kinds of hinges and levers and everything that makes this work. This is especially true on metal hardtops where they have a metal top that folds itself up and then goes down inside the trunk. All of these connections, all of these hinges and levers and everything need to be lubricated where they move. Now, you’ll probably want white lithium grease to do this or you can sometimes find a clear grease that is non-staining and you have to make sure that you don’t get this on the convertible top or on the upholstery. That will keep everything from wearing and it’ll make the top work better and last longer.