The CARCHEX promise is “Customer Experience Above All.” In everything we do, the customer comes first.  We achieve this by making the customer feel as comfortable and as educated about our product as possible. CARCHEX ensures that the customer’s experience, whether it’s in the beginning, the middle, or at the end of their plan, is the best experience they could possible have.

In the video below, CARCHEX vehicle protection specialist Jerry Elston explains what the CARCHEX standard “Customer Experience Above All” means to him.

Video Transcription
Customer experience above all – that is my job as a vehicle protections specialist to come in here every day suited up ready to give the best possible experience to our future members. It’s up to me, I’m the actual face of CARCHEX, I’m the first one they speak to, I’m the first one they contact, and believe me I would be contacted along the way through their entire warranty process. Well it’s my job to ensure that experience, whether it’s from the beginning when we are deciding what plan best fits their needs, or the middle when they have a claim and they don’t know exactly where to call, or at the end when it’s time to purchase another plan, they need to know what other options they have. During that whole entire time I strive to give them the best customer service I possibly can.