Can you repair scratches yourself? Depends on if it is indeed a scratch or just paint or plastic that has rubbed off from another vehicle.

Video Transcription:
Can you repair scratches yourself, well maybe. A lot of what appear to be scratches on cars are actually transfer from other cars, especially from plastic bumpers and things like that. So you’ll find lots of areas around the edges and so on where it looks like there’s severe damage, but in reality you can use a polish or a very fine scratch remover to get rid of it. Now certainly you’re not going to do anything with something like this. I mean, this is beyond any type of do it yourself. A couple of things that you have to be careful of, you’ll see advertised kits that supposedly make straitening or repairing some of this damage really, really easy. Well, if it was that easy there would be no need for body shops. Now the problem here is that in many cases you wind up making the damage worse. You can actually increase the cost to repair it by a factor of 2-10 by trying to do it yourself.

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