I wanted to take a moment to address the question: How does CARCHEX handle customer complaints?

First, we have the best trained staff in the industry who are skilled in working as counselors and advocates for you, the customer. If you have an issue with your extended warranty, our Vehicle Protection Specialists are the first, and often last, person you will need to talk to.

If, unfortunately, an issue needs more time to be resolved, CARCHEX has instituted a ticketing system to track complaints from beginning to end. I explain this system in the video you see below.

Finally, I pride myself with being available to any customer with a question, comment, concern, or complaint about their extended car warranty or CARCHEX customer experience. The buck stops with me and I am determined to uphold our “Customer Experience Above All” promise. You can email me with any concerns at ceo@carchex.com and I will personally respond to your issue.

I hope this helps clarify CARCHEX’s complaint resolution process. We don’t get many, but when we do, our goal is to solve them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

– Jason Goldsmith, CARCHEX CEO

Video Transcription:

The way we handle complaints is pretty simple. What we did is build a ticketing system to make sure that every issue gets addressed quickly, appropriately, and all the way through to resolution

So no matter how you start a complaint or an issue you may have, whether you call your protection specialist who sold you your policy, or whether you talked to someone else in customer service, we track it all the way through to resolution. We can make sure you are speaking with the right person. You can always be escalated to me or you can actually call me or contact me directly via email. My contact information is on every piece of communication we send to each of our customers and potential customers.