This time of year can bring some extreme weather, including strong storms with high winds. What if you get caught driving in one of these storms? Think driving next to a large tractor trailer in high winds is the safest place to be? You might want to think again.

Video Transcription
Well whenever you’re driving in high winds, number 1, you want to pay close attention to everything around you and be prepared for a gust of wind to move your vehicle across the road, so you have to be prepared for that and be ready to react. But one of the big mistakes that a lot of people make is they will ride along beside a tractor trailer, or a trailer that is being towed or something like that, a bus even. Well, the thing that you may not realize is that is a very dangerous place to be because a large vehicle has a lot of wind surface and that means that a really strong gust of wind can cause that tractor trailer to flip over, and if you’re beside it, it could be right on top of you. So stay out in the open.