It’s that time of year. As summer ends and another school year begins, it is important to properly share the road with school buses and pedestrians. gives some safety tips for motorists when driving near school zones and school buses.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • When backing out of a driveway, watch for children walking to school.
  • Drive slowly and watch for children playing or waiting around bus stops and in the street.
  • Watch for children gathered at bus stops who might dart across the street to catch the bus.
  • Be alert and aware on the road.
  • Watch for crossing guards holding signs indicating you need to stop.
  • Obey the posted speed limit. Fines are double in school zones.
  • Learn the school bus laws in your state. Yellow flashing lights indicate that the bus is preparing to stop. Red flashing lights and a stop sign indicate that children are getting on or off and cars must stop a safe distance away, regardless of which direction you’re headed.
  • Do not proceed until the bus has moved, the flashing lights stop or the bus driver signals it’s okay to pass.