Labor Day weekend is often the last chance to get away before the summer ends. It is also known to be one of busiest driving weekends, so it always helps to plan ahead. Here are some tips from USA Today on having a headache-free Labor Day weekend.

Preparing Your Car – The last thing you want to deal with on Labor Day is the inconvenience of your car breaking down, so having a routine check of the engine, radiator, and fluids will really help. Tires should be well inflated and wiper fluid and blades should be replaced when necessary.

Staying Safe – If you are tired or have had a drink, don’t drive. This is especially important on Labor Day, when many people spend the day drinking and having fun. It is best to drive when you are alert and awake, so know your limits. Plus, police will have stepped-up patrols to enforce drunk driving laws.

Avoiding the Madness – The most important thing you can do on Labor Day is leave early. Get on the highways early Saturday morning or before rush hour on Friday. Another important thing you can do is to plan your route well. Program your GPS or use a map to get you where you need to go as efficiently as possible.