It seems like every purchase you make comes with the opportunity to add an extended warranty. Your cell phone can have an extended warranty. Your washer/dryer can have an extended warranty. Heck, even your toaster or coffee grinder comes with one.

But are any of these extended warranties worth their cost? Does it make sense to plunk down another $10.50 on a $50 toaster? What about an extended warranty for your vehicle? Pat Goss explains the difference between these types of extended warranties, and why you need one more than the other.

So next time the clerk at “Big Box Electronics” offers an extended blender warranty, you might want to think twice. Next time you are thinking of ways to protect your vehicle and save some money in the process, think about an Extended Vehicle Warranty from CARCHEX.

You have questions, Pat Goss has answers.

It doesn’t seem like a good idea to buy an extended warranty for my toaster so why should I buy one for my car?

Buying extended warranties on appliances and things like that may or may not make sense. See, there’s a big difference between appliances, and various things like that, and your automobile. See you’re going to live with your automobile for a long period of time and automobiles are very expensive. Its not a situation if something major happens to the car that you can just throw it away and buy a new one like you can with your toaster, not indeed. See with a car you have to fix it and the repairs on cars these days can be outlandishly expensive. So with the cost of the repairs, the cost of the vehicle, you put it all together, an extended warranty well it really truly makes sense on an automobile.