New or used? This is often the most important decision you can make when buying a vehicle. You love the fact that a new vehicle comes with the protection of a factory warranty. But, you also know that you can get an excellent pre-owned vehicle for a fraction of the price.

This decision becomes even more crucial if you are considering purchasing a luxury import such as a BWM. The initial sticker price will be much higher for a new model but those imported precision parts will set you back without a warranty.

What to do? Pat Goss explains that there might be a way to save on both the initial cost and the repair costs of a BWM.

So there it is. With a BWM Extended Car Warranty from CARCHEX, you can have your dream car and save money, too!

You have questions, Pat Goss has answers.

I’m finally in a position to buy my dream car, a BMW. Do I need to buy a new one to get a warranty to cover the expense of luxury parts and labor?

Ah yes, BMW the dream car for so many people. Now one of the things you might want to consider is that by buying a luxury car that’s a couple of years old with low miles on it, you can save an absolute ton of money. You can buy a pre-owned BMW for a fraction of what a new one costs. You can save thousands of dollars and with a small portion of that money that you’ve already saved, you can buy a BMW extended car warranty from CARCHEX!