One of the most common mechanical problems with Ford vehicles (especially F150s) is an ejected spark plug. Fords do have other common issues, but an ejected spark plug can have dangerous implications and render your vehicle useless. If you have extended warranty coverage, like a Ford car warranty from CARCHEX, you could save you money and get back on the road faster.

Spark plugs are the life of a car. They ignite the air/fuel mixture that combusts in an engine and ultimately makes a car run. When a spark plug ejects from the top of a cylinder fuel vapors leak out of the cylinder, making the engine extremely dangerous to run. The engine may not even start, but the crankshaft will still be working creating a build up of deadly fumes.

Without a Ford car warranty, having an ejected spark plug can put a $30,000 Ford in a junkyard or worse, can endanger your life. Once a spark plug is ejected, a replacement can cost up to $500 if your Ford car warranty is expired. It could also take a good amount of time to repair depending on the extent of the damages.

A Ford car warranty, if picked correctly, will cover the cost of spark plug problems, saving you money. Spark plugs in any car are important, but in Fords they may determine the longevity and health of your engine and car and that’s why it is so important to have a Ford car warranty.

A Ford car warranty can be quite costly if you buy directly from a Ford dealer, so it’s crucial to research all options before purchasing a Ford car warranty. Whether your Ford vehicle is brand new or an older model, CARCHEX is your best bet for finding a reliable, trustworthy and reasonable priced Ford Car Warranty.