We’d like to introduce you to Jackie Byrd, a valued CARCHEX customer and owner of extended vehicle protection. Check out Jackie’s Pontiac G6 Convertible and her positive experience working with CARCHEX:

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Hi, I’m Jackie from Linden, New Jersey and I purchased an extended warranty from CARCHEX for my 2007 Pontiac G6 Convertible. With my warranty soon to expire, I knew I needed extra protection. Also, with money being so tight, I knew I needed something more affordable. So, one morning my husband was watching TV and he saw the CARCHEX commercial. We immediately went online to the CARCHEX website. We were able to pick out an affordable warranty that put both our minds at ease. With our warranty we know that we can take our car to any Pontiac dealership and that warranty will be honored. We can also take it to any reputable dealership and have our warranty honored. Thanks CARCHEX, you are a lifesaver!