Having trouble deciding what to get your gear head this holiday season? Here is the perfect gear head gift idea list with the best gifts as seen in an article from Spike.

Handheld GPS Navigation – If your gear head isn’t crazy about asking for directions, they’ll never have to again with a handheld GPS unit. Even if you miss a turn, most models will just re-route you automatically.

Bluetooth Stereo – With the advent of the personal MP3 player, having a car stereo with 3.5mm auxiliary jack is a must. Also, many state laws require you to use a hands-free device when using your phone in the car, so why not kill two birds with one stone and upgrade your gear head to a new head unit with Bluetooth and an AUX jack?

Exotic Car Rental – Since we aren’t all in the position to buy our gear head a new Audi R8 or Corvette ZR1, here’s another option. An exotic car rental for a week will give the same thrill without the car payments or insane insurance rates.

Car Detailing Kit – You know your car enthusiast loves to keep his/her vehicle as clean as possible, which makes a car detailing kit the perfect gift. An ideal kit should include auto shampoo, windshield wipes, paintwork cleanser, and a paste wax for a flawless shine without rubbing or buffing.

DC Power Supply – If your gear head is sick of looking around for car charger adapters for cell phones or likes to take a laptop on long road trips, a DC power converter is the perfect gift. Anything you can plug into a wall socket can now be powered/charged right in your car.

Air Cleaner Replacement All vehicles use air filters, but the stock ones are typically cheaper filters that restrict air flow which cuts into mileage and horsepower. Advanced air filters are re-usable for the lifetime of your car, yield better gas mileage, and actually provide a noticeable boost in power as well.

Digital Tire Gauge – Low tire pressure not only causes a poor ride quality, but also cuts into gas mileage by as much as 10% and adds premature wear to tires. A digital tire gauge will help keep tires in good shape.

Extended Warranty – No matter how well your gear head cares for their automobile, there are going to be lots of things under the hood that eventually wear out or fail. An extended warranty from CARCHEX is the perfect gift to keep your gear head’s car on the road for as long as possible.