We here at CARCHEX live and breathe used cars.

We’re always on the look out for any information about used cars and how to get yourself a great deal. That’s why, when we came across this article from CBS News about “How to Buy A Used Car,” we just had to share it with you all.

Here are a few take-aways from the article.

Beware the Internet

The internet has become a boon for information and deals on new or pre-owned vehicles. But buyer must beware in looking at non-local sources, often times the ground for scammers. You should always want to check out the car in person prior to picking out a new car, especially one without an extended car warranty.

The Meaning of Certified

Potential buyers will most likely pay a little more for a certified vehicle but hold your horses. Are you sure you know what that means? Certified vehicles can be broken down either by dealer or factory certified. Each one deals with the level of inspections undertaken on the vehicle prior to it’s ability to be sold. Know the difference!

You Are Allowed to Leave

When in doubt, the simplest way for you to remove yourself from the situation and from a pushy salesman is to leave. If you’re gut is telling you somethings not right, feel free to take a break from the hunt and come back another day and after some further research.

Take this advice to heart when looking into picking up a used vehicle. If it’s not covered from the dealer with an extended car warranty, CARCHEX will be happy to help you get the coverage you need.