There are all different kinds of headlight bulbs out there, so how do you know which one to choose from?

Video Transcription:

Well, essentially on modern automobiles there are three types of headlight bulbs. The standard one is the old-fashioned halogen bulb that’s been around for quite sometime now. Then the upgrade from that is an HID, it’s a high-intensity discharge light that works very much like a fluorescent light does in the house. It has a transformer and works on high-voltage and so on. Those are complex, they’re very expensive to maintain over the life of the vehicle and they’re gradually being replaced by LEDs, light emitting diodes, which we’re starting to see on high-line cars. Now, as far as upgrading is concerned, there are different colors of the halogen bulbs that you can buy and different descriptions and things like that. But one thing, if you want to remain legal, all headlight bulbs are limited to 55 watts. So the only thing that you’re buying is a more white color as far as the color spectrum is concerned.