With the end of Daylight Savings on Sunday, it’s going to be getting darker a lot earlier. Make sure you can see and be seen on the roads. Here’s how to restore and maintain your headlights.

Video Transcription:

Alright, restoring headlights is a little bit more complicated than what you might see on TV. There isn’t any miracle product that you can wipe on them and have instant results. True, they may look good to you, but what causes the damage is very fine cracks in the surface of the plastic that is caused by the ultraviolet light from the sun. Now, you take one of these things that you wipe on, it fills those cracks but the cracks are still there. So, the fix is not permanent, number one, and number two, the light is still refracted so that you don’t get the good visibility that you do with a proper repair. A proper repair involves buffing the surface of the lens to get rid of the cracks and the hazing in the plastic itself. That’s the only real way to fix one.