It is not often that you find someone whose trusted mechanic is associated with an auto dealership. The person you usually trust your vehicle maintenance to is the mechanic from the local garage, the same garage you’re father and grandfather took their cars to.

Even if trust wasn’t the issue, price would be. Dealerships tend to be more expensive in labor costs than independent garages. This can make a big difference when performing maintenance required to keep your warranty valid. Because you have to take your car to the dealership to keep that warranty intact…right?

Good information to keep in mind whether you are have a new car with a factory warranty or protecting your investment with an extended auto warranty from CARCHEX.

Do I have to take my car to a dealership to keep my warranty valid?

So you just bought a new car. Do you have to take it back to the dealer to have your preventative maintenance done to keep the warranty in force? Absolutely not. What you do have to do though is you have to keep good records to show that you have done all of the service that is required. Now on a used car and on extended auto warranty, well the same thing applies. You can take the car to your trusted technician for preventive maintenance service.