Steve J. is a former professional detailer who is passionate about cleaning cars and driving in style. In this 4-minute video clip, Steve quickly and enthusiastically tells you how you can wash your car like the professionals do, but in ONLY an hour’s time!

To wash your car like the experts, Steve says you will need several tools. One of these tools is an extendable head brush, which you can use to clean the hard-to-reach areas of the car like the roof. You will also need a smaller brush for cleaning tight areas in the car like the tires. A double-sided mitt is the third cleaning tool Steve recommends you get. This will be used to wipe down the body of the car. Lastly you will need any large bucket in which you will fill with water and your preferred brand of car wash soap.

Paying a professional to detail your car can be expensive. To wash your car like the experts, follow the simple and easy tips that Steve recommends in this video.