It’s a pretty common trap for consumers to find themselves in when they buy a warranty. They sign the contract before they clearly understand the car warranty information. Then, when they have to make a claim, they discover that for some reason, the warranty provider won’t cover the claim. These contracts should not be hastily entered into, or else you could find yourself in this predicament.

Read Your Warranty Contract Before You Purchase

Some warranty providers will try to get you to buy the coverage before you see the warranty contract. Refusal to do allow you to see the contract is a sure sign that the provider will try to rip you off. They are legally obligated to show you the contract if you ask.

If a warranty company is not out to rip you off, they have nothing to hide. Of course, the ones that are trying to swindle you have plenty to hide. They know that if you see the contract before you buy the coverage, you will probably refuse to buy it.

Contract Language Should Be Clearly Written without Loopholes

Contracts written in heavy legalese should also be avoided. Auto warranty contracts should be understandable by most people. If most of the language does not make sense, there is a good chance that they have loopholes scattered among the heavy jargon.

You should know full well what you are signing up for with a vehicle service contract. Some legalese cannot be avoided in these contracts, so if there are specific points that are confusing to you, ask for an explanation. There is no shame in doing this, especially if it means that you avoid the shame of not being able to repair your car later down the road.

Compare Extended Warranties from Different Providers

Smart shoppers know that you have to do comparison shopping to get the best deals. The same is true with extended warranties. It is always a good idea to compare auto warranties before you buy one. Never go under the mistaken impression that warranty providers are pretty much the same.

Different warranty providers provide different “extras.” Prices may vary extensively. It is your duty to yourself to get the most bang for your buck.

CARCHEX is the best resource for comparing car warranties. We have partnered with several of the top warranty providers and put them in the position where they compete with each other for your business. This kind of service is not something you can get by dealing with the providers directly. Through our competition service, they are far more likely to drive the premiums and deductibles far lower than they would otherwise.

Also, in all cases with CARCHEX, you will get to see the contract before you decide to buy coverage, the car warranty information is clear and concise, and without illegitimate loopholes. You are also more than welcome to have the contract explained to you before you buy your service. What more could you ask for?