A Mazda extended warranty can be used just like your original manufacturer’s warranty. When any covered repairs are necessary, you take your car to a licensed repair facility. Manufacturers do not provide extended warranties, though. A common misconception is if Mazda does not provide the extended car warranty, then you must use it elsewhere. This is simply not true. Mazda dealers accept extended warranties, also called vehicle service contracts, as well.

The only problem you may have is labor costs. Some warranties have labor limits. Dealers typically have a higher labor cost than other repair facilities. Choose dealers only if you have no labor limits on your warranty. With limits, you are responsible for any costs over the covered amount. All parts are still included.

Other Mazda Extended Warranty Repair Centers

Having a Mazda extended warranty removes the restriction on where to have your Mazda repaired. If you have a favorite mechanic, you can now take your car to them instead. You are able to take your Mazda where you feel most comfortable. You can find a repair center close to your home. This is perfect if a Mazda dealer is not located anywhere close to you. Being able to choose where to use your auto warranty offers you freedom and peace of mind. No matter where you are, you can find a licensed repair center to handle any Mazda repairs covered by your warranty.