According to Consumer Reports, a leading product testing publication, Mercedes-Benz ranks near the bottom of their vehicle reliability survey. Despite being good performers, Mercedes-Benz SUVs in particular have many reliability issues.

In this week’s episode of “Wondering About Warranties?”, Pat Goss gives us some more insightful information about Mercedes-Benz. Goss talks about the reliability issues related to Mercedes-Benz and his experience working with these cars. He also tells you what you can do to drive a great looking vehicle while protecting yourself from repair costs with a Mercedes-Benz extended car warranty.

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Wondering about warranties? Pat Goss has answers.

Mercedes-Benz don’t always have the best reliability. Will that cost me more in car repairs?
My experience with the reliability of Mercedes- Benz has been from exceptionally good to moderately poor and that of course varies from year to year and model to model. Overall they tend to run kind of like most luxury automobiles. The big thing that you have to consider is that any expensive vehicle is expensive to maintain and to repair when they break, therefore Mercedes- Benz extended car warranty is a good idea.