In this week’s episode of “Wondering About Warranties” Pat Goss talks about the expenses related to owning and maintaining a luxury vehicle.  Even the best-made vehicles with the highest quality ratings experience mechanical problems and need repairs. Unfortunately, for luxury car owners, repairs are likely to never be cheap. Luxury vehicles cost significantly more to repair than non-luxury vehicles because the labor involved in diagnosing the problem and making the repairs is often more complex and intricate. Additionally, the parts that need replacing are more expensive.

One of the most expensive luxury vehicles to repair is the Mercedes-Benz G Class. However, for owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles there is a simple solution for handling expensive auto repairs. Pat Goss recommends getting a CARCHEX extended warranty for Mercedes.

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Are luxury cars more expensive to maintain than more economic cars?

A luxury car more expensive to maintain? Absolutely. When you get into that class of automobile they are more complicated, more sophisticated both mechanically and electronically. Now that means not only do parts cost more but so does the labor to diagnose and to repair them.

Now one of the easy ways to avoid these costs is with extended warranties for Mercedes and I recommend CARCHEX.

Now a little bit about common repairs with older Mercedes.

Common things we finds on older Mercedes models as they get miles on them are oil leaks. We also find quite a few with electronic problems ranging from various modules like their SAM module and things like that that can be relatively expensive to replace. Now, average cost on most of these things is going to start from $500 to $700 and work up from there.