Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to take better care of your vehicle? Here are a few tips to ensure that at least your car will stay fit in 2013.

Video Transcription

All right, New Year’s Resolutions for your car. One thing is for sure: you ought to make the resolutions, number one, and you ought to actually follow through on them, number two.

What are some of the things? Well, preventative maintenance items are the big things that make the car reliable and keep it going for many, many miles. So, you want to resolve in the new year to be really good about things like changing the oil and the oil filter, flushing the transmission, power steering, and the cooling systems as needed. Tire rotation is something you should be particularly attuned to because it can double the life of the tires.

Along with that, there are going to be a number of other things you have to remember. There is a big difference between quick service and full service. You want to make sure that at least twice a year you go in for full service. Full service means they are going to check all the things on the car that keep you safe. Things like ball joints and tie rod ends, brakes, and all of these things. Quick service is fine under some circumstances, but you need full service at least twice a year.

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